Assist of the Month

Semifinals begin for Primepoint Assist of the Year


We're down to the final four finalists for the 2022 Primepoint Assist of the Year after all the votes were counted in the opening round last week. Over the next 24 hours the top four will be whittled down to just two so don't miss out by casting your vote on Instagram before time runs out!

The first matchup features homegrown Jack McGlynn's magical run at rivals New York Red Bulls that set up Mikael Uhre for the opening goal on the road facing off against Kai Wagners pin perfect cross to Sergio Santos on the west coast against the Portland Timbers.

The second semifinal is a battle of two key passes from the Eastern Conference Final with Jakob Glesnes' quick free kick restart to Julian Carranza for the game-tying goal facing off against Carranza's smooth header to Daniel Gazdag for the game winner.

Need a refresher or just want to want the plays over and over? Check it out below and then head to our Instagram to cast your vote before the poll ends at 10 a.m. ET on Tuesday, December 13th!

2022 Primepoint Assist of the Year Semifinalists