Sebastien Le Toux Off The Pitch

What about you have not changed at all since you were a kid?

I was and I still am a big competitor. I hate losing. Every game I played I wanted it to win, even if it was against my younger brother and he cried afterwards. I love to play games. No matter what game it is, I want to win.

What is the perfect French meal?

I love breakfast, so I would say that my perfect breakfast meal would be some fresh bread, some butter, some jelly and some Nutella. Of course, some pastries like a chocolate croissant or a croissant. For drinks I would have a big coffee, nice hot chocolate if it is winter and, you know, a nice orange juice on the side.

You know, in America we have salty breakfast which I like too, but in France we are all about pastries and sugar during the morning.

Who would you like to meet and why?

I would say I would have loved to meet my grandfather from my mom´s side because he passed away when I was very young and I never had the chance to meet him. I would like to talk to him a little bit about his life. He was in the World War I with France. I am sure there were incredible histories from those times. There are also famous people that I would like to meet but I would like to meet my grandfather first. 

If you could be any age for a week, what age would that be and why?

Any age for a week? Man, is hard. I do not know. I like where I am right now but I don´t know what the future holds. I would say if I pick from zero to 31, I would say maybe I would like to go back to 16, 17 or 18 because that was when I had a lot of friends playing soccer and that was when I made it as a pro. That is why I love those years.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

In three words I would say kind, outgoing and French (laughing). I don´t know maybe competitive.

What do you miss from France?

I miss my friends and family because I do not have the chance to see them as much, but I am ok with that because I love them and I know they love me so I know they are happy for me. I would also say a French boulangerie patisserie (French bakery). There are not as many in the U.S. I used to get my fresh bread from there. Maybe that is what I miss here sometimes.

You just won a 100,000 of the last item you purchased. What was it and how happy are you?

I think it was a sweatshirt. I bought a sweatshirt because I knew it was going to be cold out. 100,000 sweatshirts. Wow that is a lot. I would give them away for the people who need them.

What is your absolute favorite go-to comfort food?

I love brunch. I would go to every brunch place in the area and there are plenty of good brunch places in Philadelphia. I love brunch because is salty but you also can get sugar and sweet. It is my favorite meal.

What annoying thing do your cats do?

They scratch my furniture and sometimes they walk in our heads (my wife and I) when we sleep. They wake us up and I am not happy about that (laughing).

What do you wish we had from Back to the Future's 2015?

I think I like the skateboard. I would take it.

What is one thing that would have Philadelphians saying, "I didn't know that about Sebastien Le Toux? 

What they do not know about me is that I write with my left hand but that is the only thing I do with my left hand. I throw, play tennis and I do everything also with my right. I also kick with my right leg.

How is it being married to the beautiful Kendall? How did you meet her? 

I met her in my first year here in West Chester-where I used to live- she also lived there. I was having dinner in a bar and she just came in and we both knew the bartender. She sat next to me, we started talking and the rest is history. We got married.

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