• Click here to purchase a pre-paid parking pass by game.
  • Lot A: Pre-Paid Passes, $20 Cash Parking per car as space permits
  • Lot B: ADA, Pre-Paid Passes, Pre Approved Press/Media, $20 Cash Parking per car as space permits 
  • Lot C: Pre-Paid Passes, $20 Cash Parking per car as space permits
  • Lot D: Pre-Paid Passes Only
  • Premium Row – Premium VIP Ticket Holders Only
  • Lot F – Pre-Paid Passes, $35 Cash Parking per car as space permits.
  • Lot SOB: SOB Members Only (Pre-Paid Passes and $20 Cash Parking per car as space permits)
  • For Non-Union Events please see specific event page for parking instructions

The best way to reserve parking in advance is to purchase a pre-paid parking pass. Cash is accepted at all lots as scheduled game time approaches and as space permits. As a result, cash will only be accepted at the discretion of lot attendants.

Parking Policies and Procedures

  • On-site lots will open 5 hours prior to kickoff
  • Tailgating is allowed but space will be very limited as cars will be parked next to each other upon arrival  
  • A parking permit is valid for one (1) parking space only
  • Trailers of any kind are not permitted in stadium lots
  • Tailgating in the parking lots will be limited to 2’ behind the vehicle. Tailgating in empty stalls will be prohibited. We encourage fans to use Toyota Plaza outside the stadium to congregate. Fans will be permitted to bring tailgating items, food and beverage to the grass area of Toyota Plaza. Tailgating items, food and beverage will not be allowed in the vendor area on the concrete plaza section of Toyota Plaza or into the stadium.
  • If bringing an oversized vehicle – camper, trailer, etc., please park in Lot C
  • If you require ADA parking, please park in Lot B
  • Fans are asked to follow the direction of the parking staff to quickly park your vehicle.
  • Fans that wish to park next to friends must arrive at the same time. Parking spots cannot be reserved or saved for fans arriving at a later time.
  • Glass containers are not permitted in Stadium parking lots.
  • Trash cans and larger containers are located throughout Stadium lots. Fans are asked to leave their tailgate location the way they found it and dispose of all trash.
  • Golf carts, segways, skateboards, scooters and other non-licensed motorized vehicles are not permitted in Stadium Lots.
  • Stadium Parking lots are patrolled by both private security and local law enforcement officers. Fans are asked to watch out for their family members and friends and keep tailgating activities under control at all times. Fans can asked to leave parking lots for disorderly behavior and cited or arrested by law enforcement officers for public intoxication, fighting or other inappropriate behavior.
  • Like season tickets, season parking permits can be revoked for non-compliance to Stadium guidelines.