Philadelphia Union Rewards Program

The Union Rewards Program for Season Ticket Members is back and better than ever! This year there will be even more opportunities to earn points that can be redeemed for awesome game day rewards, used in auctions to bid on unique Union items including autographed, game-worn Union jerseys from your favorite players, access to exclusive Union events/experiences, and much more!

Whether you have participated in the Union Rewards Program over the last couple of seasons or you are a new Season Ticket Member for the upcoming season, please read the information below carefully as we have made some updates and changes to the Rewards Program this year.

How to Earn Rewards Points

To participate in the Union Rewards program this year, Season Ticket Members MUST have Season Ticket Cards instead of printed paper tickets on their account (if you currently have printed paper tickets and are interested in switching over to Season Ticket Cards for the upcoming season, please contact your Fan Service Representative).

There are many exciting ways to earn Rewards points throughout the season and the best and easiest way is just by scanning in your Season Ticket Card when you attend home games at Talen Energy Stadium this season! Please see below for a list of ways to earn points this season.

  • Attendance at Union Home Game = 150 points per seat
    • 18 total games to earn attendance points this year  (17 regular season + 1 bonus game)
  • Early Entry Bonus = 50 points per seat
    • Scan in your Season Ticket Card at least 30 minutes or early before kick-off
  • Union Win at Home Bonus = 25 points per seat
    • When you are in attendance and the Union win all 3 points, you win bonus 25 points!
  • Union Clean Sheet at Home Bonus = 25 points per seat
    • When the defense posts a shutout, you earn bonus points!
  • 3+ Union Goals Scored at Home Bonus = 25 points per seat
    • DOOP, DOOP, DOOP!!!
  • Weather Bonus = 25 points per seat
    • Awarded as a thank you for braving the elements to come out and support the team!
  • Union Dollars = 1 point for every Union Dollar spent at Talen Energy Stadium
    • For more information on Union Dollars program, please click HERE
  • TV Reward Codes for Away Games = 50 points per seat
    • Watch locally broadcast Union away games and enter the TV Rewards Code that will be displayed during the broadcast. Click HERE to log-in to your Account Manager.
    • TV Codes are NOT available for nationally broadcast games on ESPN, Fox Sports etc.
    • PLEASE NOTE: For the first two away games this season on 3/7 and 3/12, the points are on us and will be automatically loaded onto your account.
  • Attend a Union Away Match = 100 points
    • To receive these points, please send us a photo of yourself at the game or your ticket!
    • Please send photos to or @UnionFanServices
  • And much more – details will be released on additional ways to earn points throughout the season, so keep an eye on your e-mail and follow us on social media!

How to Redeem your Rewards Points

This year there will be two main ways that you can redeem your points this season – Game Day Rewards and Season Ticket Member Auctions. Please see below for information on how to redeem your points this season.

  • Game Day Rewards – NEW for 2016
    • Season Ticket Members can redeem Rewards Points for awesome Game Day rewards this season including:
      • StubHub Seat Upgrades
      • TruMark Financial Stadium Club Passes
      • Team Store Discounts
      • Once in a life-time Game Day experiences
      • And much more!

To redeem your points for Game Day Rewards follow the steps below:

  • Log-in to your online Account Manager and click “Manage Rewards Points/Union Dollars
  • Then click on “Game Day Rewards” to see if there are any available rewards for the next Union home game (these rewards will vary on a game-by-game basis)
  • If you see a Game Day Reward that you would like to redeem your points for click on that reward and submit your entry. There are two types of Game Day Rewards this year:
    • Buy Now – Limited quantity available on first come, first serve basis. As soon as you submit your bid you will lock in that Game Day Reward and the points will be deducted from your account. You will be contacted by your Fan Services Rep before the game with details regarding your Game Day Rewards
    • Sweepstakes – There will be a deadline to submit your bid to win this type of Game Day Reward and everyone can submit a bid to try and win! The winners will be randomly selected and notified before the game. Points will be temporarily deducted from your account but will be refunded if you do not win that Game Day Reward.
    • Season Ticket Member Auctions: There will be more opportunities than ever to participate in our Season Ticket Member Auctions this year where you can win some amazing prizes and experiences! Some examples of previous auctions include autographed Union items, access to exclusive Union events, opportunities to meet Union players/coaches, special prize packages from our sponsors, and much more!

Throughout the season, you will be notified via e-mail when an auction is live and you will then have the opportunity to place a bid with your Rewards Points to try and win! To place a bid, please follow the steps below:

  • Log-in to your online account manager and click “Manage Rewards Points/Union Dollars
  • Once you are on your Rewards Page, click on “Auctions” and then select the seat that you would like to bid points from and then enter the amount you would like to bid and click “Submit Bid
  • Please keep in mind, the points you bid will be temporality deducted from your account until after the auction is complete. If you do not win that auction, your points will be refunded back to your account.
  • Some auctions you will be able to place bids from multiple seats to combine your points into one larger bid. These auctions will be designated as “multiple seat” auctions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my Rewards Points carry over to the following season?

Rewards Points are only valid in the season they are earned and do not carry over for the following season.

What happened to the Union Rewards Pyramid?

We have substituted the Rewards Pyramid for the Game Day Rewards part of the program this year. Many of the items/experiences that you could qualify for by earning rewards points over the last couple of seasons will now be included in the Game Day Rewards and Season Ticket Member Auctions. If you have any questions regarding specific rewards, please contact Fan Services.

What should I do if I am missing points or my Rewards Page isn’t working properly?

Please contact your dedicated Union Fan Service Representative and they will be happy to help resolve the issue. You can contact Fan Services at 1-877-21-UNION (press 1 for Tickets, then 4 Fan Services) or by e-mail at

Does the Rewards Program Homepage work on mobile devices?

You should be able to view and manage your points on mobile devices but we recommend using a desktop or laptop computer when entering TV Reward Codes or submitting a bid for a Game Day Reward or Auction. If you have any issues, please let me know.

How soon can I expect my points to show on my account after I earn them?

Most points should be reflected on your account within 1-2 days after you have earned them. If you do not see your points added within that timeframe, please contact your Fan Service Representative.

How will I know if there is an upcoming auction or available Game Day Rewards opportunity?

We will send an Auction Alert e-mail to all Season Ticket Members notifying you that there is an auction that is now live or upcoming. There will be a link in an e-mail that is sent out before each Union home game that and we will also be listing those on social media as well, so make sure to follow our Twitter account – @UnionFanServices. The best way to make sure you don’t miss out on any auctions or game day rewards is to check your Rewards Page often and especially the week leading up to each home game!

Can I bid points from all of the seats on my account during Season Ticket Member auctions?

We will have different types of auctions throughout the season. Some auctions you will only be able to use points from one seat and other auctions you will be able to combine points from multiple seats. This is done to ensure that whether you have 2, 4, or 6 seats on your account, everyone will have a chance to win some auctions this year!

Question not answered above? Please click HERE to view our full FAQ page or contact your Fan Service Representative today at 1-877-21-Union (press 1 for Tickets, then 4 for Fan Services) or by e-mail at