Cisse looking to rise up Power Rankings as eMLS play kicks off

With eMLS League Series One presented by Coca-Cola beginning online qualifiers Tuesday night, MLSSoccer.com has released its Power Rankings and it will give some extra fuel to Philadelphia Union's Cisse.

The Union's esports competitor comes in at No. 15 on the list but he'll be looking to move up the list with eight online matches over the next two days. 

Not only will all the matches this season take place online for the health and safety of all participants but they will be using the same pool of 50 players. This year's rules require that five MLS players must be on the field at all times and is based on the end of the 2020 season.

NonMLS players are limited to one Icon with an overall rating over 89, another Icon but can only come up to 88 overall along with up to two non-Icon players with an overall rating of 90 or higher. The final starting XI spot is reserved for a non-Icon player with an overall rating of 87 to 89. Goalkeepers do not have any restrictions.

Subs are limited to up to seven non-Icon players with an overall rating of 89 or lower but remember teams must keep five MLS players on the pitch at all times.

Below is Cisse's eMLS League Series One schedule that kicks off Tuesday night.

Date/Time (all times ET)Opponent/Power Ranking
Jan. 5 (8:30pm)Cisse vs. #23 JKO (New England)
Jan. 5 (9:00pm)Cisse vs. #13 RCTIDThiago (Portland)
Jan. 5 (9:30pm)Cisse vs. #24 Crew96Skamzz (Columbus)
Jan. 5 (10:00pm)Cisse vs. #9 Alanavi (FC Dallas)
Jan. 6 (8:30pm)Cisse vs. #12 XBLEU (Austin FC)
Jan. 6 (9:00pm)Cisse vs. #2 NYCChris (New York City FC)
Jan. 6 (9:30pm)Cisse vs. #17 Benr (San Jose)
Jan. 6 (10:00pm)Cisse vs. #27 GSGXSFC (Seattle)
Jan. 12 (8:30pm)Cisse vs. #4 Alekzandur (Sporting Kansas City)
Jan. 12 (9:00pm)Cisse vs. #3 FCC Fiddle (FC Cincinnati)
Jan. 12 (9:30pm)Cisse vs. #16 Maloney (Orlando City SC)
Jan. 12 (10:00pm)Cisse vs. #21 Mehdibob (Montreal)
Jan. 13 (8:30pm)Cisse vs. #14 STL City SC Hasib (St. Louis)
Jan. 13 (9:30pm)Cisse vs. #19 JordyReyes (Houston)
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