Post Game Quotes: Union at Red Bulls


On his team’s performance on Saturday:
“Sometimes you make mistakes and you pay for it. If you don’t convert your chances like that you struggle. We had chances, and the most important thing is to finish those chances. We have to work on it, it’s as simple as that.”

On whether the handball leading to the Red Bulls’ second goal was intended to prevent Angel from receiving the ball:
“It’s difficult to say right now. There were other mistakes, that is a mistake. If you see a shadow, a light, or the ball was moving, the most important thing is that those goals are preventable. We have to prevent those goals from happening.”

On Roger Torres’ performance:
“I think he struggled a bit with the pressure, and trying to find his rhythm from left to right. He struggled to find the passing channels. It just wasn’t his day.

On whether his starters will play in Tuesday’s U.S. Open Cup:
“Is there a trophy? Then we’ll play the best players.”


On the game:
“I think the first half we put a good show together. We came into halftime 0-0 which is obviously good on the road. We knew we could play and I think the second half we came out and played. We got a bit unlucky. We put a good possession together to get the goal and we obviously pushed at the end to (try to) tie it up 2-2.”

On the penalty kick:
“(Juan Pablo Angel) had two last game at home against Dallas and he obviously went that way first last time and he put a good PK on it. Sometimes you guess the right way, it doesn’t matter and he hit it with pace and he obviously placed it well.”

On returning for U.S. Open Cup match Tuesday:
“Were obviously coming back to win again. That’s first and foremost for us and that’s in our heads. It’s a quick turnaround obviously, so we got to take care of our bodies and get back and be here on Tuesday and go at it again.


On the game:
“I got some chances in the first half and unfortunately, I missed it at the beginning. We come back 0-0 at halftime, then we play well but we give a goal. We come back and after there is a mistake, there was a handball in the box and we have to play so it’s unfortunate and we’re a little bit frustrated.”

On his goal:
“I just sprined from the beginning from down the line. I knew he was going to cross the ball and I worked very hard and I was on the second post and he give it to me so I just have to tap it in.”

On going forward:

“We played well, we just have to fix mistakes, you know, two goals. If we are more concentrated and we don’t give up this mistake, I’m sure we are going to be really strong on Tuesday.”

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