Rookie of the Year candidate Danny Mwanga is already a fan favorite at PPL Park.
Greg Carroccio

Chat Transcript: Danny Mwanga

Rookie striker Danny Mwanga took time out to chat with fans on Thursday after training. The transcript from the chat can be found below.

Danny: Hey guys, it's Danny Mwanga with the Philadelphia Union. Looking forward to answering your questions!

Mike Jones: Other than the Doop Doop song, what gets you pumped up for games?

Danny: The Danny Mwanga chant for sure does. The DOOP song is the best one, that gets me really pumped up. When people are chanting Danny Mwanga that gets me going.

SoBGusler135a2: What do you think about the fans and Sons of Ben especially?

Danny: They're great. They support you no matter what the score is. They feel like part of us. The Sons of Ben are pretty much the best fans in the league. We play in different cities but I haven't seen anything like the Sons of Ben.

KP: Danny, you said you've been contacted by the Congo's national team, which way are you leaning towards playing for, the Congo or the US?

Danny: Right now I'm a little bit in the middle because I haven't really thought about it much. I was trying to wait until I'm officially done with the Union season, and then I'll think about it. So right now it's right in the middle.

Anonymous: Danny, what were you expecting from the fans coming into Philly and what do you think of them now?

Danny: I was definitely expecting them to be just what they are now, especially from what I saw at the draft. I mean, the draft wasn't even a game yet, but there were a lot of people. I was not disappointed. That's exactly what I saw during the year.

JaxSoccerFan: Hey Danny, we share the same birthday and I’m going be angry if you don’t get Rookie of the Year. How does it feel to have been the #1 Draft pick, and how did you prepare yourself for such a spotlight?

Danny: I think it's a great honor, it's very exciting. It's just trying not to think about it that much. It's just trying to play the best soccer you can play and at the end of it people are going to vote you as Rookie of the Year if you really deserve it.

Cory: whats it like playing for a professional team at the age of 18?

Danny: It's a great experience, not that many people get that chance. You learn a lot and you just make sure you use what you learn and add it to your game.

Nate: yo, danny, what did you think of inception?

Danny: I haven't seen it yet, but I heard it was pretty good.

Anonymous: Danny Mwanga what's up sit in section 133 do you think you will be in Philadelphia next year and do you like all of the other Philadelphia sports teams?

Danny: Yes, I'll be here next year, and yes I do like the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers and Sixers. Yeah, I do.

SoBGusler135a2: What was your favorite part about this founding season?

Danny: I think it was when we first moved into our stadium. It was something we were working on, so finally being in our own stadium and being with our fans chanting for us, and winning the game was definitely one of the best times of the season.

Josh: You've shown interest in an eventual move to a French club. How many seasons do you anticipate before you give serious consideration to leaving the Union/MLS?

Danny: I don't know. I'm excited here and I'm happy to be here. So I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and I think when the time is going to come we'll see what's going to happen.

Anonymous: Danny, great first season, I've loved watching you play. Other than PPL park, what are your favorite stadiums in MLS?

Danny: Good question. The Sounders stadium, Qwest Field, and the Home Depot Center.

Ed: Danny, How is the shoulder holding up?

Danny: It's getting better. Still not 100% yet, but definitely better than when I first hurt it.

Nate:  danny, are you a cake or cookie kind of guy?

Danny: I'm a cookie kind of guy. I love cookies.

Frank: What was your favorite goal?

Danny: That's a hard question. I think my first goal was my most important goal, but against Houston was another important goal because we got our first win on the road. But I think my favorite was the Colorado goal because I had a defender on my back and I had to take a really good touch and put it between the goalie's legs, so I think that was pretty cool.

Kevin Connor: What was going through your head when you scored your first goal for philadelphia?

Danny: Honestly it was just like a dream that came true, especially after being in the game for only 7 or 10 minutes. I was just really happy. It was like a dream come true.

Josh: Who would you say is the funniest guy on the team?

Danny: There are a bunch of funny guys. I'll say Andrew Jacobson.

Bill: How would you summarize your first year with the Union?

Danny: It was pretty good. I had to make some adjustments at the beginning coming out of the college level, which I did. So during the year there were so many things I learned and there are still more things I need to learn in order to be successful, but it was more of a learning experience for me, my first year as a professional.

Anonymous: who do you beleive improved most as a Union player this year

Danny: I'll say Amobi Okugo.

Rob U: How much longer do you have to go in the citizenship process?

Danny: Well I think I have to wait until 2012 to be eligible to get my full citizenship.

Jean Schorts: Danny, do you agree that the New York Red Bull is the best team in the MLS?

Danny: I mean they are one of the best teams, but I think it depends on people's opinions. But I think Real Salt Lake are playing the best soccer in the league.

Dario From Miami: How much improvement have you seen the Union go from since the beginning of the season until now? You guys are hot right now, so do you see bigger and better things next season?

Danny: Yeah, definitely. This year I think it took a little time to get to know each other and we have some new players trying to make adjustments, so I think next year will be even much better now that we really got to know each other much better.

KP: What soccer player did idolize growing up?

Danny: Ronaldinho and Drogba.

David Shanks: hi from scotland..would you play in europe if given the chance?and who are your fave european team

Danny: Yes, I would if I got a chance. I like Chelsea.

Dario From Miami: What is one aspect of your game that you feel you need to improve upon? Or do you feel you need to gain a little more weight to dominate inside the box?

Danny: Yeah, I think I need to be more physical because I'm playing against guys that are older and stronger. I need to do a better job finding a spot where I can receive the ball and be dangerous for the opposite team.

Cory: when you first starting playing did you ever think you would be playing on such a big stage such as MLS and did it ever cross your mind that you would be up for ROY?

Danny: Yeah, I mean you always have goals when you start playing professional. It was more like a dream, but it was not for sure that I'd have a chance to play in front of big crowds here at PPL Park, or being up for Rookie of the Year. Those were pretty much just goals that were up in the air in my mind, but you have to work your way there. It wasn't certain that I'd be up for that award.

Dario From Miami: How much do you prepare before a game with Seba LeToux? Do you guys talk before a match on how to go about scoring and attacking?

Danny: Yeah, we talk a lot. We both watch games on DVD at home and come back and talk about what we say that we're doing good and what we could've done better.

Mike Jones: IF Le Toux doesn't get MVP, who should!?!

Danny: I think Le Toux should get it, but if he doesn't I think Edson Buddle just because of how he has improved this year.

[inline_node:287790]OfeyDofey: Hey Danny, How do you like the living in the Philadelphia area and what is your favorite part of town?

Danny: Philly is a great city and I love it here. My favorite part of town is the Old City area and downtown Philadelphia.

Nate: among other teams in MLS, which one do you most want to beat?

Danny: I want to beat everyone, that's the goal, to beat everyone. But at the end it's just the team that the fans really want us to beat. So the question comes to them.

Cory: do you play and musical instruments?

Danny: I play the African drum and that's pretty much it.

KP: How is it living with Amobi Okugo?

Danny: It's pretty cool, he's a funny guy and we're the same age and we're getting along well, so it's pretty nice.

Joseph: What are you plans for the off season?

Danny: Spend some time with my family in France and then start getting ready for the preseason.

SoBGusler135a2: You were drafted in college, do you think youll go back or take courses and still get a degree?

Danny: Absolutely, I think education is really important and my family really valued that so I have to go back and try to get my degree.

Dario From Miami: When you had that friendly with Manchester United, at the end of the game the ESPN commentators were saying that you might try to trade jerseys with Ryan Giggs. You were on the bench at games end but went onto the field afterwards. Were the commentators right?

Danny: Yes, I was trying to trade jerseys with him because he's one of the most successful soccer players in history so it was just cool being on the same soccer field as him. But I didn't get it. He traded with someone else or something like that.

Josh: What's your favorite thing to do in Philly when you have some time off?

Danny: I like taking my rest. I spend most of my time sleeping and watching TV or playing FIFA. Other than that I spend most of the time walking around Old City or the downtown area.

Nate: danny, what was the most embarrassing piece of music played in the philly locker room, and who was responsible for it?

Danny: I'll say Sebastien Le Toux. It was not embarrassing, it was just some sort of French music and guys were having a little hard time getting into it.

Josh: Hey great season what is it like being around LE TOUX and Fred and all of the guys

Danny: It's pretty awesome, it's pretty cool. I remember watching Le Toux on TV last year and being able to play with him is a great experience. They're pretty fun, nice guys.

Joe: Are you good at any other sports besides soccer?

Danny: I play a little basketball, but I'm not very very good. I play volleyball a little bit too.

Ryan: Have you met Bob Bradley before?

Danny: No, I haven't.

Bob: Does it help having a coach that has played the game at a high level like Novak has?

Danny: Absolutely, because he has a better understanding of the game because he played it himself. He knows how to help players to be successful.

Danny: I have to leave pretty soon, but I'll take a few more questions...

Josh E: Danny who do you think helped you out the most during this season?

Danny: The coaching staff has definitely helped all of us a lot, but some veterans as well like Danny Califf, Alejandro Moreno, Sebastien Le Toux, Stefani Miglioranzi have helped me to make some adjustments.

Ianza: have you ever played fifa 11?

Danny: Yes, I play all the time.

Josh: Do you think you're FIFA 11 rating is fair?

Danny: I think so, but I think I'm a little bit faster and I think I might do better moves in real life.

Steve: What was your perception of MLS being and young prospect and having potential offers abroad and what is your perception now, having playing a season in MLS?

Danny: I think most people don't really look at MLS as one of the best leagues in the world but it is one of the best leagues in the world. It really helps you as a young player stepping into the pro level to get you ready for any challenge. Any player who has success in MLS should be able to play in any other league in the world. You see guys like Clint Dempsey, Bradley playing in some of the top leagues in the world.

Danny: I have to go now, but thanks for all your questions! It was pretty fun. See you at PPL Park next year and thanks for your support this year!

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