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Newest Union member provides a list of his favorite things for the holidays

Season’s greetings to our loyal supporters, and welcome to what is sure to become a fantastic ride heading into the upcoming season – made fantastic because I have arrived.

For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is Phil. Phil E. Union that is…and I am sick and tired of living in the shadows.

Despite my diminutive size, I am THE biggest supporter of this team, but you wouldn’t know it because no one ever gave me a voice.

Well with the spring cleaning that was made around the front office, I have demanded for my voice to be heard and they’ve listened (and it’s not because I was the one who secretly deflated all the soccer balls prior to the last practice of the season).

It’s because I plan to be where ever this team is and to give you as much analysis as I can through my soon-to-be blog on the site, entitled “Phil’s Corner.” Personally, I hate the name and told our digital guy Kerith Gabriel I wasn’t thrilled, but he chose not to listen.

Figures considering he doesn’t listen to what’s being said to him most of the time anyway. You should see him in the back of Hack’s weekly presser – quite frankly it’s embarrassing.

But that’s another story entirely.

One day I will rule this place and all will look up (okay, down) at me. But for now, let me be your main source for behind the scenes news and information. Who’s in Florida prepping preseason festivities? Me. Who plans to bring you the best of what the Philadelphia Union store has to offer over the next 10 days and beyond with my "Phil's Favorite Things” feature? Me. Who will report to you all that’s going on from preseason and will provide insider access with the players leading up First Kick on March 2?

This guy.

Call it dedication, call it savvy or call it a Napoleon complex, but change is good…and I want in.

Sincerely, the only guy around here that matters...

As far as my day one of my favorite things are concerned, check out the hat above, strictly for the ladies and guys like myself that don't care what people think. This hat is the Adidas MLS Philadelphia Union Women's Cuff Pom Knit Hat in signal blue and navy. It's really warm, and very affordable priced at $19.99 and the lady in your life will love it, especially on cold mornings when you get out of bed to warm the car up for her.

It's available online and will arrive before Christmas if you order it now.




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