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Union color analyst Alejandro Moreno to add soccer insight to new ESPN daily soccer show

It seems like Alejandro Moreno is everywhere these days.

Philadelphia Union's color commentator isn't even one year removed from his playing days, but you'd get the impression he's been doing television for the last decade.

Moreno already has a laundry list of gigs, starting with Major League Soccer at the local level. He does Liga MX games for ESPN and he was involved with the recent All-Star game, jumping back and forth between the English and Spanish broadcasts. He's even found himself in front of the camera for gigs involving both the Mexican and American national teams.

Now you can add another role to Ale's ever-expanding portfolio. He's going to be an analyst on the brand new, much anticipated show, "ESPN FC on TV".

Debuting August 11th, this is a soccer-specific broadcast that will air on ESPN2, six days a week.

It's a program dedicated to nothing but the beautiful game.

"It's an initiative by ESPN of bringing soccer to the forefront and making it part of the discussion and doing so on a daily basis," Moreno told in a recent interview. "We'll have the show six days a week. It will be Monday through Friday at 5:30pm on ESPN 2 and then Sunday it will be a one hour show. The shows Monday to Friday will be half hour shows. The Sunday show will perhaps have a lot more discussion, a lot more highlights because obviously we will have all of the results from the weekend from some of the main leagues around the world, including the Premier League, MLS, Liga MX and everything else.”

Moreno joins a comprehensive and diverse talent pool, which includes hosts Max Bretos and Dan Thomas.

Familiar ESPN personalities like Alexi Lalas, Taylor Twellman, Steve McManaman and Tommy Smyth are among the people you'll probably recognize on the show. There are new additions though, such as Bundesliga guru Raphael Honigstein and Italian expert Gabriele Marcotti.

Moreno will be one of the many Latino contributors to the show, but his participation doesn't necessarily begin or end with MLS, Liga MX, or El Tri.

"I'll bring the perspective of a Latin American person, so I have a different upbringing than some of the other guys who are part of the panel,” Moreno explained. “But really I'll be an analyst for the show. I'll partake in quite a few shows during the year and quite a few shows during the week. The show will depend so much on the stories that come about from the different leagues and what the talking points are. A lot of those talking points may be on the field issues, some of those talking points may be off the field issues, and those are just as important. From my perspective, we'll discuss it in a matter where everybody is allowed to put forth what they think, if it's the best way to go about analyzing some of the issues that come up. I think we'll have some good, insightful discussions. There are a lot of opinionated people that are going to be a part of this show and for us I think it's important that we have a forum where we can showcase what it is that we think about certain issues. This show gives us that opportunity.”

Think of “ESPN FC on TV” as the soccer equivalent of “College Football Live”, or “Baseball Tonight”. You’ll see nothing but footy on your television screen for the duration of the show.

It's a significant step forward for a sport that has made leaps and bounds as a marketable television product over the last several years.

"The fact that we now have an opportunity to continue to showcase our product, whether it's MLS, whether it's Liga MX, or whatever the case, it just allows us from our perspective and our angle not only to continue to grow the game but to educate and to share information and to share insight,” continued Moreno. “It's part of growing the sport in this country. It's a reflection of this continued growth, this consistent growth of soccer in the United States and now the show is going to feature on a main network. ESPN knows what they're doing and they're putting a lot behind this show. It's a big responsibility but I think all of us who are going to be a part of it are very optimistic about it because we really think this is something that fans of soccer in this country need and fans of soccer in this country want.”

On a personal level, it's another step forward in Moreno's rapidly evolving broadcasting career.

In one short year, he's been able to bring his insight and experience to a national, perhaps even continental audience.

 "When I came across having to make a decision last year whether I wanted to continue to play or pursue other opportunities, ESPN presented what I thought was a very compelling package,” Moreno said. “At that point, I felt, in order for me to jump to the next phase of my professional career, that it would be important that I take advantage of these opportunities. As the year has gone on, many things have come up, Mexican national team, Liga MX, even the United States national team. All of a sudden things have sort of continued to evolve and it's a product of the belief that ESPN has in us, and has in the things that I do. In addition to the opportunities that have been presented to me I've been able to provide a product that they're happy with, that they feel is useful to them and insightful to them. It's a responsibility, and it's a new job, it's my new career and I take it very seriously and I want to make sure I do well for all of those people that believe in me, coming out of my soccer career and really giving me a chance in this broadcasting career. I look forward to what's ahead and I'll be prepared to do the best I can on this show and the other assignments that I have with ESPN." 

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