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AAA Start Your Journey: Soccer dedication runs deep for Frankie Lancos

Frankie Lancos is known as the “CEO” of her daughter’s travel soccer team, that is, the chief emotion officer.

“It’s a team of 13-year-old girls,” Frankie explained. “There’s a little drama on occasion.”

Along with any drama, she handles all off-field organizational aspects of the Harrison Hurricane U-14 girls’ team. She makes sure parents have directions to games, when to be there and which jersey their daughter should wear.

Frankie’s family lives in South Jersey. She has two daughters. Her 15-year-old, Annie, is a cheerleader and dancer. Nicki, 13, is the soccer player. She’s been playing since kindergarten.

“At the beginning, I chose it [soccer] for her,” Frankie said, “She was an active kid, she loved it right away, from the second she touched a ball to her foot.”

She started out as her daughter’s coach. Once Nicki started playing travel, Frankie stayed involved with the team, leading to her role as the team’s “CEO.”

She has watched the team grow as young women and soccer players.

“I love to watch these girls play, I’ve been watching them since they were 10 years old,” she said. “They are fierce, dedicated athletes. They play like girls. They’re aggressive, smart, fast.”

Kim Haggert has been Frankie’s friend and neighbor for about eight years. Their daughters have been on the same soccer team since second grade.

Haggert describes Frankie as a liaison between the coaches and parents, keeping everyone updated.

“She tirelessly works with our coaches to run our tournaments, concession stand, special events and on some weekends you will find her out lining fields,” Haggert said.

Frankie’s dedication was noticed and she was eventually nominated to the Harrison Township Soccer Club’s board as secretary. She also currently serves as the District Commissioner of New Jersey Youth Soccer for District 29.

When she combines her duties as secretary on the board with her “CEO” duties, she said it is about equal to a part time job; one that she loves.

The team is currently fundraising for a trip to Europe next year. So, Frankie found local events, like a Halloween rec. soccer tournament, for the girls to work at and raise money for the trip.

The Harrison Hurricane team has taken trips to several Union games.

“It’s great for them to watch and learn from professional soccer players,” Frankie said.

Haggert said she doesn’t know how Frankie does it.

“She truly embodies what it means not just to be a true soccer mom, but also a respected member of the Harrison [soccer club],” Haggert said. “The girls truly love her and the parents are so thankful to have her.”

This story is part of AAA’s “Start Your Journey” campaign, an effort – in partnership with the Union – to help celebrate families’ journeys in support of their young athletes…the long road trips, all-weekend tournaments, and the special bonds that are formed from the extensive time on the road.  Each month, the Philadelphia Union and AAA will select an individual within its soccer network to develop a feature story on their path to success in association with the game of soccer. Additionally, fans are encouraged to share their own stories via social media using #ShareYourJourney

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