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Players share their thoughts on Power Training Complex | INSIDER

It’s been said throughout this season this Union team is one of the most tight-knit groups the franchise has ever seen. Maybe that’s because they spend so much time together. And could you blame them? Equipped with a state-of-the-art facility, members of Union have all of the accommodations they would have at home, right at work. Who would want to leave?

 Power Training Complex has served as the team’s meeting place throughout the season, it’s where they review film, weight train, eat, and just relax. It has everything they would ever need and it’s one of the reasons why this team has built such a great chemistry this season.

“It’s a gem of our club right now”, Brian Carroll said. “It’s helped the chemistry and culture, and it’s something we highly value and were very proud of.”

And he should know, being the longest tenured member of the Union, Carroll has seen it all when it comes to training facilities. When the team first formed, their training sessions were taking place at local parks that the team was transported to by buses. Now, just a few years later the organization has equipped this team with a facility that could rival any in the sport.

But it isn’t just the veterans who acknowledge how much a facility like this means to a team, rookie Keegan Rosenberry is just as enthused about the complex.

“It’s been awesome. You can’t get much of a better facility, I have seen a couple this year with travel and I would take ours over anyone else’s. I think my favorite part is just how much time we spend in it. I think it’s brought us closer as a team as funny as it sounds. Instead of coming out of the stadium locker rooms every day, us having a lounge having a meal room it’s been a great addition for the organization.”

Some of the biggest features include a world-class training room and spa that houses an underwater treadmill and hot and cold tubs for recovery. There is also a newly furnished locker room, complete with Union floor emblem and lockers with phone chargers in each cubby, because why not? Upstairs of the facility showcases a film room, cafeteria, and the crowd-favorite lounge - complete with pool table and flat screen TV’s.

The original idea behind Power Training Complex was to provide the team with anything they could ever need in a professional environment. Well, mission accomplished. Union are now at the forefront of training complexes within the U.S. and it’s safe to say their facility is in a league of its own.  


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