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Jim Curtin's post game reactions to 2-0 loss vs Orlando | INSIDER

It certainly wasn't the post-game press conference Jim Curtin hoped to be having on Sunday evening as he addressed the media after a deflating 2-0 loss to Orlando City SC.

After another chance to clinch a playoff berth slipped away, Curtin acknowledged the feeling of disappointment throughout the club and was very blunt when he opened the press conference by stating, “We let our fans down in a big way.”

He continued, “Today we had a great opportunity, again the goals were gave up are silly goals but at the same time we win and lose as a team. We won’t point fingers or blame individuals we haven’t done that all year. We’ve stuck together through the good times at the beginning of the year and the bad now.”

Curtin mentioned how it looked like the team never found a consistent rhythm throughout the match but he doesn’t believe it was a result of not being prepared.

“We had one of our best weeks of training wise. I half was joking with the rest of the staff; sometimes you don’t know how that’s going to go. We’ve had weeks where it’s crappy and it’s led to really good performances,” adding that the whole team was “a little off” on Sunday and they will learn from it and move on.

Union are still ahead of New England by three points in the standings and have a significant lead over the Revs in goal differential with 12.which means for all intents and purposes, the Union will make the playoffs, but for Curtin there isn’t a sense of achievement just yet.

“It doesn’t feel like an accomplishment, because it’s not 100 percent yet, at the same time we put ourselves with the tiebreakers in a position to where we should be in the playoffs now. It feels funny, not sure how to feel good about it, because we know we can do better. Next week will be about putting together a good performance against a very strong Red Bull team in our building and give our fans something they can walk a little taller with, prouder of. Hopefully we can get a little momentum going into the playoffs.”


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