Quick Hits from Jim Curtin's Union vs. FC Dallas press conference, presented by Xfinity

Team win

Head Coach Jim Curtin praised the team's effort against one of the best teams in the West, as the Union defeated FC Dallas 3-1. It was a much needed win for the club, and continued a string of home success. Curtin dolled out credit up and down the lineup, and said it was one of the best matches the team had played all season, going as far to say the first half was the best half the team played all year. 

"Overall, the first 45 minutes, I feel was the best 45 minutes we've played this year," Curtin said. "The first goal we scored was a real team goal, excellent goal. The work that the guys put in, the front line, the midfields, the backs still pressing in the 80th minute, pushing the game, still trying to get a goal, very happy with that. I thought they were excellent on the night. We had a lot of really good performances, you could go though each guy, but the players really stepped up. They really rose to the occasion. Overall, very happy with the effort."


One of the players Curtin praised in his post-match press conference was Ilsinho, who score a goal and notched two assists in the match. Curtin said he and Sporting Director Earnie Stewart worked with him in training to get him to shoot more, and his play was the result of that. Not only was he a force on offense, but Curtin also made sure to praise his work defensively, which was key for the Union against FC Dallas.

"Ilsinho put in a great shift," Curtin said. "Really strong performance, of the defensive work he put in, the amount of tracking back he did to break up plays. Earnie and I have encouraged him to shoot more and more because does he hit such a heavy ball. He's starting to do it. Anytime his Brazilian friends come in he scores, so we'll be flying them in every week. Happy for him, really strong performance from him, not just offensively but defensively as well. He dominated the game."

Video review

The Union made history as its match was the first time video review was used in MLS when it overturned FC Dallas's goal in the 79th minute. Curtin said video review did exactly what it was meant to do, which was get calls right. He said he and the rest of the team was unsure on how it would turn out and be executed, but he was happy it came back in the Union's favor. 

"Philadelphia likes VAR," Curtin said. "That was a good outcome for us. Getting the play right is what it's for. I thought it accomplished that tonight. You could tell Johnny had some contact. The process, they put a ton of work into it, and it succeeded. The ultimate goal is to get calls right, and it succeeded tonight. That's what you want, we were lucky to be on the end of the first review ever in the league's history, and on the good side of it."

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