Interview With Chairman and Owner Jay Sugarman

All of us at Keystone Sports and Entertainment are proud to see Earnie Stewart take this step in his career by becoming U.S. Soccer’s General Manager of the Men’s National Team. As one of the greatest players in the history of our National Team, Earnie has a passion for growing the sport in this country, and the opportunity for him to do so at the highest level is one that we certainly support.

As a result of our youth development strategy, we are confident that others are recognizing the quality players that our Academy and Bethlehem Steel FC have developed. U.S. Soccer’s interest in Earnie is indicative of the work that our organization has done in building the sporting foundation of the Philadelphia Union – from our academy, to a First Team seeing meaningful contributions from both Homegrown Players and established veterans. Earnie has earned this opportunity in every sense of the word, and we wish him the best at U.S. Soccer.

Over the past two years, we have been very focused on creating a club-wide methodology and technical vision that we are confident will continue to guide us at every level of the organization, from the Pre-Academy to the Academy to Bethlehem Steel FC to the First Team, and we will continue to execute on that plan at all levels. As Earnie transitions out of his role over the next two months through July 31, we will be seeking a new Sporting Director who can help us build on this strong foundation.

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