Catching up with Phang

Hey friends, Phang here. Each week during this unique time I am going to be answering your questions (and accepting compliments) through my Instagram Story. Keep an eye out on my Instagram each Tuesday to send in your questions and I may just answer it! Here are a few of my responses from week 1:

Besides yourself, who is more crazy? The Phanatic or Gritty?
These are all my boys.

Phang where did you get your shoes?
My closet..pshhhh

Phang do you miss sports?
I think this picture answers your question :(

Phang, who’s your barber? You’re always freshly cut.
Top secret

Who is your best friend?
I have a lot, including Spidey - we’re homies

I love you
I love you :’)

How much gel do you use in your hair each day?
None, I’m all natural

What are you doing during Quarantine?
A lot of this

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