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Eligible player pool expanded for MLS SuperDraft presented by adidas


Major League Soccer today announced an expansion of the eligible player pool for the MLS SuperDraft presented by adidas, starting when the 2024 version is held December 19 (3 pm ET).

For the first time in MLS history, the list of players eligible for selection includes a broader range of promising young talent:

  • Players who are currently collegiate sophomores, juniors and above.
  • Previously, only players who were collegiate seniors and above, along with Generation adidas signings, were eligible for selection.
  • College players will also still be able to sign Generation adidas contracts (freshmen and above).

Maintaining eligibility & SuperDraft Priority 

A player who is drafted by an MLS club and has remaining college eligibility will have the option to return to school and further their development, but will not be draft-eligible in the future.

A selected player who elects to go back to college or remains unsigned will have their SuperDraft Priority held by the drafting club for approximately two years following the SuperDraft, culminating on December 31 of the second year.

A player with remaining college eligibility who appears on the draft-eligible list but is not selected in the SuperDraft may return to school and can be nominated for the following year's draft.

Full eligible player pool

MLS clubs may draft players from a list of eligible players that may include:

  1. Players who are collegiate sophomores and above
  2. Generation adidas players
  3. Any former college player who departed college with remaining eligibility since the conclusion of the college season approximately one (1) year prior to the SuperDraft (i.e., since the conclusion of the 2022 college season) in order to compete as a professional in a league domestically (e.g., USL, NISA, CPL)
  4. Any other players specifically made available by the league (such as pre-signed College seniors or pre-signed internationals).
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