Sebastien Le Toux and Danny Mwanga are ready to take your questions this week
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LIVE CHATS: Le Toux and Mwanga

Do you have questions for number one overall pick Danny Mwanga? Here's your chance! Danny will be taking your questions right here on this Thursday at 1:30pm. MVP candidate Sebastien Le Toux chatted with fans on Wednesday. The transcript of his chat is below. 

Sebastien: Bonjour! Sebastien here. Looking forward to taking your questions.

Matt: Has the French national team made any contact about a possible call-up?

Sebastien: No.

Joseph: Hey Seba -- love your work rate -- some of it is obviously a natural gift, but how do you train/exercise outside of official practices?

Sebastien: First I take care of my body with a therapist. I do lots of meditation and I know when if we have a long week I can do some extra physical work on my own. I know when I need it because I try to listen to my body. I know when I need to do it because I can feel it inside my body how to be ready for the next game to be able to run with the same speed and endurance.

Chris Smith: What has been the biggest difference between last year on Seattle and this year on the Union?

Sebastien: For me it was at the beginning to know the city and my new teammates and the new coaching staff because when I was in Seattle I already play in this city with all the players before. I had to find a place and discover the area, so that was the biggest change for me.

Anonymous: What steps do you feel the Union need to take to progress in the off season so that you will become even more of a force in the MLS next season?

Sebastien: I think we have to use the confidence we got at the end of this year to start well in the preseason all together. We already know each other and we know the strengths of the group and we know which part we have still to work on to be stronger for the first game next season.

Susan: When did you first start playing soccer?

Sebastien: When I was young I used to play a lot with my older brother, but I start to be on a team when I was 8 years old.

Joseph: What's your favorite restaurant/or favorite part of the city (Philadelphia)?

Sebastien: I don’t have a favorite restaurant because I don’t go to eat so often in the city. My favorite part is Old City because it’s where lots of my teammates live.

Jeff: Afternoon Sebastian, I realize you still have one game remaining but what are your plans for the off-season (i.e. training, vacations, etc.)?

Sebastien: I don’t know yet, but probably some vacation somewhere and some time with my family in France for Christmas. Otherwise I don’t know, we’ll see.

Chris Smith: Did you do anything different this past off season that turned you from being an "average" player to one that has top contention for MVP?

Sebastien: Not really, I just was more confident with my teammates. They gave me lots of confidence and the coaching staff. I played more of the position I like as a forward here and I start to score goals after the second game with a hat trick. After that I just continue to surf on this wave.

Sean: Seba, what do you most miss about playing for the Sounders?

Sebastien: The fans.

Stacey: Are you nervous about how the team may change after the expansion draft picks? Any predictions on who may be protected, or left open?

Sebastien: No, I’m not nervous. I don’t have any predictions. The coaching staff will make the decisions.

Joseph: Who is the most difficult defender in the league you've had to play against?

Sebastien: There are a lot of good defenders. The next one I’m going to face is Chad Marshall and he’s very good.

Brook: who was your favorite player growing up?

Sebastien: Zidane.

Anthony: Hey Sebastien, thanks for an amazing season and for bringing Philly soccer to life. Did you find it challenging to play for a brand new team with players who had never played together before?

Sebastien: Yes, it’s very exciting to start a new team in a city who never had a soccer team before and to see the development of the franchise with all the fans who came to watch us play at PPL Park. It was a great experience and to build with all my new teammates this team was something I will always remember.

Ed: Seba, Has Bob Bradley been in touch?

Sebastien: No.

Brook: what was your favorite Union game / play this year?

Sebastien: For me it was the first game at Lincoln Financial Field at home when I scored the hat trick and we won the game against DC 3-2. It was my favorite moment.

Anonymous: How does it make you feel to play at PPL Park with all the fans screaming your name?

Sebastien: It makes me smile. It makes me want to run more and to do better on the field and score more goals with all the energy I receive from the fans yelling my name.

Jason128: Hey Seba! Do you ever get nervous when the stadium is especially loud?

Sebastien: Before I was nervous when it's like my first game or a new experience, but I try to now take this atmosphere as motivation to just give the best I can on the field.

Brody: Salut! After the Union, Rennes is my favorite club. Do you still follow Le Rouge et Noir? Or any clubs, for that matter?

Sebastien: Yes, I still follow the French championship and I follow Rennes too a little bit. I know that right now they're in first place in the standings.

Erik: How does Philadelphia's fan base/supporters compare to other teams you have played for and/or seen?

Sebastien: I just play for Seattle and they have a pretty nice fan base too, but they have a chance to have a bigger stadium so more people can watch the game. But here the stadium is always full and people are screaming all together for 90 minutes and I know that if maybe the stadium would be bigger people would still come.

Larry: Seb, Bonjour! Thank you for a thrilling year and can't wait for 2011. Are you staying in the area in the off season/plans? Loved meeting you @ Dicks' Sporting Goods in the preseason.

Sebastien: Like I said I'll probably stay a little bit here and go somewhere for vacation and go see my family a little bit in France. Nice meeting you too Larry!

Stacey: How are you adjusting to West Chester and Philadelphia? As a resident of West Chester I know it has a lot to offer, as does Philly - but it is very different than Seattle.

Sebastien: I like West Chester. It's a very nice city. I like this type of area because downtown Philly is too big for me. I like to have some space.

Section 135: Are you definitely going to be back with the Union next year?

Sebastien: Last year I thought I was going to be back with the Sounders, but I sure hope so.

Tim: Do you feel that you've been a mentor to the younger players like Danny and Jack?

Sebastien: I think you should ask them, not me. Danny will be here tomorrow at 1:30pm!

Anthony: It's safe to say your everyone here's favorite you have a favorite player yourself?

Sebastien: Not really. I like lots of players.

Matt: any interest from Ligue 1? and what do you think of cheesesteaks?

Sebastien: No. I like cheesesteaks.

Anonymous: how do you feel about philly sport fans and are you rooting for the phils?

Sebastien: It's a great city of sports and the fans are always behind the team here and every sport. And yes I'm rooting for the Phillies! Let's go Phillies!

Greg: Which home game at PPL Park during the inaugural season is the the most memorable for you personally?

Sebastien: The first one against the Sounders.

Mike Jones: If you don't win MVP, who should?

Sebastien: Buddle.

Joseph: What's the biggest difference between Sounders fans and Union fans?

Sebastien: Union fans are very, very passionate.

Vicki: What are some of things you like to do on your down time?

Sebastien: I just like to have fun.

Scott Kessler: Sebastien, if you were to have sustained success with the Union for the next couple of years and were offered the opportunity to go back to Europe and play in one of the top leagues in the world, what would you do about such an opportunity?

Sebastien: I will think about it.

Ben Phelps: Also, when will you be eligible for a USA call-up if not already eligible?

Sebastien: I don't know. Whenever I get my citizenship.

Dan: What is your "dream team" you would love to play for ?

Sebastien: Real Madrid.

Chris: With so many impressive goals that you have scored this season Seba, which of your own would you rate as top? Seba for MVP!!!!

Sebastien: The last one against Houston is one of them because it was difficult one to realize and I love the one I scored against New England too at home.

Anthony: How's Kyle Nakazawa as a roommate?

Sebastien: He's a great person who wants to be a great professional. He's a good roommate too.

Margaret: At one point in your soccer career did you begin to understand that you were going to be able to play professionally ?

Sebastien: I always had the dream to be a pro soccer player when I was young, but I really knew I could sign a pro contract when I was 17 years old.

Sebastien: Sorry, I have to go, so one more question!

Karen: First I would like to say thank you. You are an amazing player to watch. Your passion shows though. What advise would you give to young fans that hope to one day play at the professional level?

Sebastien: I will tell them to keep their dream no matter what even if sometimes it can be hard or people around them tell them they will not succeed. If they continue to believe in their dream it will happen.

Sebastien: Thanks to everyone for joining me today! Sorry I couldn't get to all your questions but I had a great time chatting with you!

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