Sheanon vs. CHI
Greg Carroccio

The ultimate competitor

Sheanon Williams is the ultimate competitor.

Few players are hungrier or more determined than the 22-year-old Union defender.

After finishing his third season – and his second full season – Williams was already looking ahead. Losing isn’t an option for Williams. It’s not in his makeup.

“There’s nothing worse than losing,” Williams said recently. “I know that goes for every player in this locker room. I expect to win when I step on the field. I expect results. I worked so hard at every step along the way to get to MLS and I expect good things. We had a lot of things go against us this season.

“A lot of breaks didn’t fall our way. I think we’ll be back with a chip on our shoulder. I think that’s a good thing. I don’t think we’ll remember specific games, but we’ll remember the feeling. I know me, personally … I want to come back strong and have a great 2013 season.”

Williams started 28 games for the Union and had one goal and two assists. More than that, he provided toughness on the backline as well as leadership qualities.

Watch Williams play in a game – or during a training session – and you’ll see a player giving his all to produce maximum effort every minute.

“I try to lead by example on the field with my play,” Williams said. “I’ve always been a player who played as hard as possible. I think you have to. I’m just doing the same things now that I’ve always done in the past.”

To make a return trip to the MLS Cup playoffs, like they did in 2011, the Union likely need to add some pieces. But Williams wasn’t offering too much advice.

“I have a lot of faith in this organization,” Williams said. “I’m sure they’ll take a long, deep look at the roster and make some changes. Whatever players come in here, I’m sure will be able to help. More than that, I think all of us can get better and the younger players can learn from this season. I know I expect to be better next season and I’m sure everyone feels the same way.”

The Union lost in aggregate goals to the Houston Dynamo in the 2011 Eastern Conference semifinals.

One year later, they were forced to watch the postseason

In 2013 Williams sure hopes to be back in the postseason in blue and gold.

“Being in the playoffs and wanting to win a championship is why I’m here,” Williams said. “I’m very excited for next season. I think we have a good core here and with added pieces, we’ll be that much improved. I don’t want to stop playing when the regular season ends. I want to keep it going in the playoffs.”

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