Daily Doop: Time sensitive material, schedule dropped and Is It March Yet II

It’s time to clear some things up.

We mentioned the following in a previous Daily Doop and we will once again reiterate this point.

The Daily Doop! will never put out rumor and speculation. Frankly, as the daily voice of the team, we don’t have too. In a past edition, involving defender Carlos Valdes we debunked a rumor that Carlos was waiting on “MLS officials” to agree to grant him a loan spill with Colombian club Independiente Santa Fe. At the time, that was the case. According to the coaching staff at the time of this Jan. 2 post, Santa Fe did not contact us regarding Valdes, despite all the South American reports that stated there was a ton of heat from the club, there simply wasn’t.

However since that DOOP! issue, yeah things have changed and were brought to light in this revealing article from  the blog Soccer by Ives. The blog’s founder Ives Galarcep even wrote that the deal has yet to be finalized, insinuating that the two clubs have even spoken publicly for the first time. Union manager John Hackworth stated:“Santa Fe has approached us with an offer as have two other South American clubs, which we are considering.”

And here’s the kicker to Hackworth’s words…

“However, no deal has been agreed to.”

On this site, when there is a deal it will always be reported.

Moving on…

The other massive news today was the release of the 34-game regular season schedule that coincided with MLS releasing the schedule for all of its 19 clubs. Once glance and you’ll see the U has a schedule jammed packed with 13 Saturday matches – the most in the club’s short history. We hope that the release allowed for you guys to better plan and know that tickets are available  now. Just FYI, full season ticket plans are on sale now. Partial season ticket plans will go on sale Monday, Jan. 14, and single game tickets will be available beginning Jan. 18 at 10 a.m.

Union writer Kevin Kinkead broke down the schedule month-by-month in a piece living on our site right now. It’s quite good. Check out philadelphiaunion.com  tomorrow for a piece looking at the top 5 positives of this year’s Union friendly (finally) regular season slate.


Tonight from 7:00-8:00 p.m., we will host our preseason LIVE chat  on the website, so for any of you with questions regarding preseason (which starts in just eight days mind you, at YSC Sports in Wayne) this is the forum to do it.

And check out our latest "Is It March Yet?" video featuring Jack McInerney and Michael Farfan, lending their acting talents to a pretty hilarious spoof ad.

Oh and in case you were wondering…51 days until First Kick.

Catch you tomorrow…

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