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A deeper look at the Union's latest deal with Redbox to sell match tickets at their locations


On Monday, it was announced that Philadelphia Union have partnered with Redbox, to now make tickets to all Union games at PPL Park available in kiosks throughout the Philadelphia region as well as at their website.

Fans will now be provided with the opportunity to purchase tickets directly at the 700+ Redbox kiosks that cover Philadelphia, South Jersey, Central Jersey, and Delaware. The kiosks are commonly found at supermarkets, convenient stores, Walmarts, and Walgreens.

The deal was preceded by Redbox’s partnership with New Era Tickets, a company the Philadelphia Union already had a strong relationship with. Last October, Redbox first began selling live event ticket sales in the Philadelphia region, allowing local consumers the first chance to purchase tickets to concerts, sporting events, and other live entertainment.

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“Redbox kiosks are a unique point of discovery of Philadelphia Union tickets – a win for soccer fans, PPL Park and Redbox,” said Jason Rubinstein, Redbox tickets general manager and vice president. Redbox will carry tickets covering three sections of PPL Park, which will include midfield seats, sideline seats, and corner seats. Fans will have the option to purchase tickets ranging from a minimum of 25 dollars for corner seats to 45 dollars for midfield seats. Upon purchase, fans are given the option to either print tickets on a home computer or pick them up at the ticket window before the game.

The Philadelphia Union is one of two teams in Major League Soccer to partner with Redbox and give their fans the opportunity to access single game tickets through their many locations. Consumers have the option to get groceries, movies, video games, and now soccer tickets at one convenient location.

“Everything we do is focused on the fans and how to enhance their experience, including when and where they purchase tickets,” said Philadelphia Union CEO & operating partner Nick Sakiewicz. “We are proud to be one of the first teams in MLS to partner with Redbox to provide another easy, convenient way for fans to access tickets where they live and as part of their daily routine.”

“If it makes it easier for our fans, to give them another outlet to get tickets, that’s a great opportunity for us to make it easier for fans.” Mike Quarino, vice president of ticket sales and fan services, said.

The partnership contributes to the Union’s growing brand, allowing the organization to expand to a broader market of fans.

“We are hitting a new demographic, a new audience that we might not have been in touch with.” Quarino said.

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