World Cup viewing parties: How you really should be watching Sunday's World Cup final


For rabid and casual soccer fans alike, this past month has been a little slice of heaven.

The FIFA World Cup serves as the premier event of the global game for those of us that reside in the Greater Philadelphia Region every week at PPL Park. While the Union play for eight months out of the year, the World Cup only happens once every four years, making its appeal that much more grandiose.

For years the United States has found itself behind the times when it comes to “football.” Other nations halt completely for this hallowed month while we have turned the other cheek and shown little interest even when our nation was on the field.

But, times...oh are they changing.

This World Cup has seen dramatic spikes in viewership in this country, and much of that can be attributed to viewing parties. Imagine standing shoulder to shoulder, cold beverage in hand, with eyes collectively glued to a television showing 22 men working in unison with supreme athletic talent. This is a World Cup viewing party.

There is no better place to experience this sensation then Philadelphia. Places like the Piazza in Philadelphia's Northern Liberties section provides the perfect backdrop to enjoy a day of soccer with hundreds of other fans. Anyone that's been tuning into summer spectacle has seen ABC and its ESPN affiliates camera pans to Copacabana beach or a local square where fans are out in droves representing their countries.

Well, the Piazza is Philadelphia’s little Copacabana, it boasts a 40-foot LED television with surrounding bars that'll be rocking beginning at 2 p.m. this Sunday and long into the warm Philly night. The official Philadelphia Union viewing party for this final, the ebb and flow of a 90 minute game can truly be felt, with the crowd desperately hung on every play. If large venues aren't your scene, smaller bars like Misconduct Tavern will be also broadcasting the game.

#WeBelieveThatWeWillWin @ussoccer @PhilaUnion @fadophilly @MisconductPHL thank you for a memorable day in my life.

This World Cup final will pit the world’s greatest player, Lionel Messi, against what may be the world’s greatest team, Germany, a game that has been coined “Messi against the Machine.” It’s a game full of inventive story lines, the ability for Messi to vault himself into legend status, Germany becoming the first European team to win a World Cup on South American soil, and the daunting idea of Argentina raising soccer’s top prize in bitter rival Brazil’s home stadium.

What all this leads to is the fact that you HAVE to watch this game, and if you’re going to do it why not enjoy it with hundreds of other passionate fans. If you’re debating, there is no better time to start than with the World Cup final and no better place than in the heart of Philadelphia. 

The Philadelphia Union have all your viewing party needs covered; if you like the calculated effiency of the Germans we got you, and if the flair of Argentina is more your style, don't worry. All you have to do is come out and bring your friends to one of our listed locations. When it comes to fervent fans we all know Philadelphia is at the top of the list. So take that Philly spirit to a local watch party, you don't need to pick a side just sit back and enjoy the best players in world perform their magic, you won’t be disappointed.

Time: 12:00-6:00 p.m. Where: The Piazza and Misconduct Tavern

List of World Cup Final watch parties: // 


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