Practice Update July 16th

The team practiced today in near perfect conditions, with the sun out but the humidity nowhere in sight.

Today the team worked on long, diagonal passes, trying to drive it into the person receiving it. This eventually changed from driven passes to passes of mid-level height and then finally to long balls in the air which the players had to bring down.

After the passing drills were complete, the team broke into two separate squads, setting up a 5-on-3 situation with goalkeepers. There were always four players on the offensive side against three defenders, with the fifth player (either Vince Nogueira or Brian Carroll) making a late run into the box. Additionally, there were two players on each wing that had to stay on the outside and feed the ball into the middle.

Both Crisitan Maidana and Brian Sylvestre seemed to be in top form today, with Maidana curling some beautiful shots into the corners of the goal while Sylvestre showed off amazing dexterity for a guy his size.

The team then split in two, with the defensive players going with Curtin and the offensive players going with Sorber. The defense worked on compressing, chasing, and clearing the ball while the offense worked on playing the ball as it comes in off the wings.

The day ended with a full field passing drill, working against training dummies set up in Toronto’s formation and Curtin coaching the team on how to best break them down.


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