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Union Insider: Mailbag answered

It's finally Friday which means it's time to answer our first ever Union Mailbag. Lots of good questions came in throughout the week so here are a couple I chose to answer.



The training facility is completed the team moved in earlier this week. A ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for sometime within the next month so look out for some pictures around then! We also filmed a tour around the building for an up close and personal look so keep an eye out for that too.

I spoke to Jim Curtin and the team and everyone is really pleased with how the facility has turned out. It is a state of the art building and really set the bar high for training centers across the MLS. Many on the team commented that their new facility is as good, if not better than, many training centers in Europe. It’s certainly something the team and the organization as a whole can be proud of. 


Facebook: Greg Lee How's moe doing emotionally? Being out months could crush a player.


I reached out to Mo and here is what he had to say:

“It’s a difficult and real test of a person’s mental toughness, but you have to stay focused and look at the big picture. I play a sport so injuries happen, you deal with them, and come back stronger and more motivated”  

Facebook: Dave Shearer Who is the union's breakout rookie?


All the rookies this year have shown a lot of promise during the offseason and into regular season training, but I think Keegan Rosenberry is someone to really look at.

Earlier this week Jim Curtin praised the defender saying he has such a great soccer IQ and has adapted to the game really well. We saw last week how much of a impact he can have on a game by catching defenses off-guard with his long throw-ins, one of which helped facilitate Chris Pontius’ first goal of the game.

He’s someone to definitely keep watching throughout the season. 


Answer: That’s a tough question – that’s like asking a parent to choose their favorite child. But if I had to pick one I gotta go with Chickie’s and Pete’s. Those crabfries are everything. 



Thanks for everyone who sent in questions throughout the week - if you want to ask me a question for next week's Mailbag just tweet me @UnionMarisa or you can leave a comment on my Facebook

Have a great weekend - see you Sunday!!


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