Steel vs. Nashville

Steel FC vs. Nashville SC Post-Game Quote Sheet

Bethlehem Steel FC vs. Nashville SC [March 31, 2018,  Bethlehem, PA]

Bethlehem Steel FC Head Coach Brendan Burke
Opening statement
I would say that it’s on the league to fix that situation because it got ugly from the start with some calls, not much we could do. Outside of that, I’m really proud of the way my guys responded. There wasn’t much to be done after those decisions were made along with decisions that impacted that game in the second half so all I can be is proud of my players for responding the way they did and they really dictated large spells of that game. We walk away happy with our guys but extraordinarily frustrated with the performance in the middle.”

On the effort of the team to fight back despite being down a man…
"Some of our individual guys put in a good performance. So much effort went into that because we were down to 10 men and had so much room to cover but really happy with their effort to put themselves into good positions. The quality of play was really good on our side of the ball. They did a great job of making the game ugly, even when they were up a man they kept it ugly.”

On the backline utilizing the offside trap despite being down to three players…
"We said that we weren’t going to deviate from the way we play, we are still going to try and overload them and try to press them and play a possession oriented game. I think we accomplished all of that and [Matt] Pickens makes some very good saves.”

Bethlehem Steel FC defender Matthew Mahoney
On playing the three in the back and holding Nashville scoreless during that time…
"After going down to 10 men in the first five minutes, we decided to stick with our game plan and try to go out wide and attack them. I thought we played well and had chances but their goalkeeper made some great saves. It really wasn’t much different so we thought that if we could win the balls, play quick and get it wide, we’d get a couple chances and we did but were unlucky not to finish.”

On if there were differences that Nashville did in the match compared to previous weeks… 
"They came out exactly how Brendan [Burke] told us so we knew what was going to happen. Even with us going down a man, they played the same way and didn’t change.”

Bethlehem Steel FC defender Prosper Chiluya
On the effort of the backline with only three in the back…
"It’s unfortunate that we conceded a goal so quick but we tried out best to work hard to find another goal but it just wasn’t our day to find that. We did our best as the three behind, because it isn’t an easy thing but we did our best to defend to keep it close.”

On the strategy of using the offside trap…
"It’s the best way for us so we can have a quick attacking in transition.”

On adjusting to the squad after two starts…
"I’m feeling more comfortable even though it’s just my second game, I played my first game down in Tampa Bay and that was uncomfortable but the more games I play, the more comfortable I get.”

On the confidence built from the match…
"This gives me more confidence because it shows the belief in me. It shows that I can do work, help the team and it gives me more confidence since I’m helping the team. ”


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