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MLS REPORT | ExtraTime Radio: Are the Union on the brink of something big? USOC preview

Andrew, Matt and Bobby gather in the Green Room to dissect Week 30. Should Bradley Wright-Phillips have seen yellow for dissent? Are the Sounders gonna be OK? How did D.C. emerge as the weekend winners without playing a minute? What's up with the Quakes coaching search?

Plus, complete US Open Cup preview (ExtraTime Live has the postgame show!) and a pantheon mailbag that includes mail from one Simon in Queens, among many others.

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Time Segment
3:00 Supporters' Shield race turns on a yellow card
10:58 Julian Gressel = Best XI, George Bello = 16 yo ???
19:13 Are LA back from the dead? Are Seattle OK?
26:19 D.C. are Week 30's big winners ... without playing a game
31:15 Walker Zimmerman says, "Show me the money" + SJ coaching search
38:06 USOC preview: Union or Dynamo?
1:03:52 Simon Borg is back (kinda) in pantheon mailbag



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