Editors' Riffs: US-Slovenia Reaction's editors respond to the Slovenia-US draw on Friday, sending both teams into their Group C finales with everything on the line.

David Agrell

This is what the World Cup is all about: Lost hope; hope regained. Then, a sickening feeling of injustice. Finally, after reflection and analysis allow the emotions to subside, there's a feeling of resignation that perhaps it wasn't such an unfair result. Let's be honest: This was a can't-lose game, and the US didn't lose. Though on their first half performance alone, they very much could have.

All told, this group is now wide open. I think England could struggle against this Slovenia side if it's a meaningful match.

Nick Firchau

I only wonder when the Americans will somehow find a way to avoid the drama. Another blown call and another cardiac case for their fans, and we still have one match to go? What’s next?

Friday’s questionable late call from Mali head ref Koman Coulibaly was just the latest in a string of dramatic moments at the World Cup, and the latest point of contention. Robert Green’s gaffe? The flop against Oguchi Onyewu in the 2006 match against Ghana? Brian McBride, split cheek and all even before DaMarcus Beasley’s goal was called back against Italy?

Oh, to do things with ease. I love these games, even with the controversy that’s going to inundate us for the next few days on ESPN. But my blood pressure would be a little better if we played like Argentina, or even Holland. Calm, cool, maybe without some of this drama? Please?

Shawn Francis

I’m not one for making the game any more complicated than it should be—after all, one of its appeals is that it is so simple—but maybe, just maybe there is a case for instant replay in soccer. Not always and not often, but in games of great importance such as World Cup, Champions League, MLS Cup, it may be worth considering.

It’s always a shame for those involved, from the teams to the supporters, when years of hard work are scuttled due to one bad call. I’m not saying that any team should be the recipient from any sort of officiating help, but some occasions, some events are too big to be diced by human error: No man is perfect.

Jason Saghini

I'm emotionally exhausted. I can only imagine what the players feel like right now with the physical exhaustion on top of it. I'm proud of the team for turning it on and doing what few thought they could do after the first 45 minutes.

There is confusion also; partly because a perfectly good goal was called back and partially because the team I saw in the first half was NOT who I expected to see. Maybe this is just what the US need to light a fire under them that can make this World Cup a special one.

But for game three they may be on their own because I just put everything I had into that one.

Kristel Valencia

Blessed Halftime! Fifteen minutes is all that Bob Bradley needed to convince USA players that the possibility to advance to the round of 16 was still in their hands.

Blessed Halftime! With the U.S. 0-2 down in the score thanks to a very organized Slovenia, Bradley’s men faced the second half with conviction and a total control of the game. And that effort was paid off. Donovan and Bradley brought the team back to life, now let's hope Algeria give us a surprise.

Fidencio Enriquez

You've got to admire the way the US have managed to claw their way back into the game. However, it's got to be somewhat worrisome for Bob Bradley that in their two World Cup games the US have given up early goals, played horrible first halves, and then played excellent in the second.

Sure, the Yanks can say that the disallowed goal cost them the game—and possibly even the World Cup. But it was their horrible play in the first 45 minutes of the first two games that did that.

Failure to advance past the group stage in South Africa will be a much bigger disappointment than Germany 2006.

Greg Lalas
The old cliche says that sometimes a tie is a win. And the cliche is cliche for a reason--because it applies. Heading into this game, the US were expected to win, but the day didn't play out that way. Fine. That's how it goes sometimes. The expectations had to be adjusted midstream, and they were: Get the draw. Just get the draw! And they did. Anything more was gravy. With Edu's goal called back, the US now head into the final group game with a chip on their shoulder--which is exactly the state of mind that seems to bring the best out of the US team. 

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