Tireless Le Toux Not Discouraged by Loss

Sebastien Le Toux sat in front of his locker in his jersey for quite a long time following Philadelphia Union’s difficult 2-1 loss to the San Jose Earthquakes Saturday night at PPL Park.
He answered reporter’s questions one by one and then just rested for about another 15 minutes before standing up.
“We’ll be OK,” Le Toux said.
Following arguably their toughest loss this season, Le Toux was well aware that this club needs to regroup immediately.
“We’re all disappointed, but at the same time, we can’t get down,” Le Toux said. “This will hurt for a night and then we’ll be back at it. I think we’re going to bounce back right away because of the character of players we have and the technical staff we have, too. I’m excited to be playing Celtic and then Toronto. It’s good to play as soon as possible.”
No player will be as focused as Le Toux, who leads the Union with six goals.
Watch Le Toux and it’s evident how passionate he is about his job. He runs from the moment the game starts to the moment it ends. And he never stops.
Those little things will go a long way in helping an expansion club such as the Union.
“I take what I do very seriously,” Le Toux said, his face still dripping with sweat. “I give it 100 percent all the time. That’s how I play. I think effort has been great on this club. I don’t know if it rubs off because of me. I play hard all the time.”
Le Toux’s all-out effort is noticeable, however.
“Sebastien gives it everything, and I do think it’s contagious,” said goalkeeper Chris Seitz. “He never gives up on a ball. He plays hard and that’s great to see.”
“When you see guys giving effort like that when you could be tired, well I think it’s great for everyone,” added defender Jordan Harvey. “It’s something which can really be motivating to the club.”
Le Toux’s effort easily could have produced two or three additional goals for the Union in their loss to San Jose.
If he keeps getting loose like that, those goals will continue to add up.
“I have to finish better,” Le Toux said. “I didn’t do a great job of finishing my plays. I’m going to keep working at it.”

Working at it? No doubt about it. That’s what separates Le Toux from so many other players in the league.
“I have a job to do every day,” Le Toux said. “I’m going to go back to work and see how I can help us win as many games as possible.”

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