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Daily Doop: Freddy Adu Day, Eurotrips and open tryouts

Monday seriously felt like Freddy Adu day around the office.

The questions surrounding whether or not the speedy midfielder will be around next season was the hot topic of conversation leading into Union boss John Hackworth’s final press conference this season.

Much of it probably stemmed from this BBC article that threw Adu under the bus, as the writer feels the 23-year-old “wonderkid” – as BBC repeatedly referred to him as – has become a bust.

Hackworth, while not mentioning the article specifically, had this to say when asked about Adu’s future:

“He’s a young player that has a ton of potential, nobody knows that more than I do; nobody believes in him as much as I do, but the reality is that he has to focus and change some things for him to reach that full potential…he understands and in the exit interview we just wanted to make clear what makes sense for us and what makes sense for Freddy.”

And while it didn’t really answer the burning question of whether Adu will be in blue and gold next season, Hackworth did provide this statement – to be left open to interpretation, of course:

“I definitely think there is a chance Freddy will be back…”

Oh, Adu is also on this BBC podcast  discussing his future in MLS and how he’d like one more crack at Europe.

See? Freddy Adu day.

With that said, in our weekend edition we told you about our series of Top 10s that was slated to begin today on but we will roll out tomorrow through Friday. The topics will still be the “best”, “wildest” and “most weird” moments of 2012.

For Friday, the goal is for any that we may have missed that you the reader can recall send email to and we will post a combined Top 10 supporters pick on Friday.

Moving on…

We announced this morning that both goalkeeper Zac MacMath and homegrown stud Cristhian Hernandez will train in Europe for the next few weeks. For MacMath, it’ll be a training stint alongside Tim Howard at Everton. It’s the third year in a row for MacMath training with Howard. As for Hernandez, this will be his first trip to Real Sociedad but a chance to train with one of the better clubs in Spain’s La Liga.

Hack mentioned that while a chance to train with these clubs is a great experience it’s not exactly what’s always best for a player fresh off an eight month MLS season.

“This is one of those philosophical questions about whether it’s important for a player in the offseason to have training stints, and I can tell you it’s really based on the individual,” said Hackworth. “Look, we’ve had a long season, we’ve been together since January, it’s a long year to be a professional athlete at this level and maintain that level  of performance, endurance and athleticism and remain injury free…for most of these guys, they need some kind of break.”

Hackworth noted that there are also a few more guys that may make overseas jaunts. We will provide you with those names as soon as we get them.

Last, but we are sure definitely not least…

Not happy with the way the U performed on the field this season? Think you can do better? The Union will host open tryouts at YSC Sports in Wayne (224 County Line Rd.) on Saturday, Nov. 17. There is no age requirement but participation is limited and will be on a first come, first served basis. 

Participants will be guaranteed two opportunities to impress in both a morning and an afternoon session. There is a registration fee of $130 and trialists are asked to bring their own cleats, shin guards and water. 

Interested?  Register here.

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