Humans of Sons of Ben: Colt

Sons of Ben are known for being the most passionate fans at Union matches. They wear jerseys and scarves, sing and chant throughout the match, and support the club 24/7.

Colt Gauvreau took that passion for his team one step further, decorating his car to match the Union.

"Everybody has a passion," Gauvreau said. "It's nice to be a part of something where everyone has that same passion. It just brings everyone together. That's what the Sons of Ben and the Union do. That's why I wanted to decorate my car with Union stuff."

Every two years, Gauvreau updates his car to fit with the Union's kits. While his car currently features the look of the club's current primary kits and 2016 secondaries, it has also been detailed after the Union's inaugural stripe pattern to the team's throwback kits. 

"I started small, and the team's growing and I'm growing," Gauvreau said. "It's evolving just like the team is evolving."

Gauvreau decided to deck his car out like the Union because his car is an extension of himself, and one of his biggest passions is graphic design and the Union and Sons of Ben. 

"There's a sense of pride," Gauvreau said. "You belong to a club and you belong to a supporter's section. You support each other and you support your team. I haven't had a bad time yet."

So to every game, Gauvreau brings his car out to Talen Energy Stadium, proudly displaying his club's logo and colors, showing everyone else just what his team means to him.

"I love everything that the team stands for: family, community, friendship," Gauvreau said. "We have an MLS team in the city, there's not many teams out there. I'm just happy to have a team here, and this is my appreciation. They show me love, I show them love. I just love everything about it."

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