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Q&A with Haris Medunjanin ahead of his call-up with Bosnia and Herzegovina National Team

Union midfielder Haris Medunjanin has been called up by the Bosnia and Herzegovina National Team ahead of its two international friendlies against the United States and Mexico this month. Check out what Medunjanin has been doing during the offseason, his preparation for his national team duties and his message to Union fans this season.
Q: What did you do during the offseason?
A: This was the first time in my career I had so many free days in the offseason due to the MLS winter schedule, so I went on vacation and most importantly, I was with my family.
Q: What are you looking forward to during your training with Bosnia and Herzegovina National Team?
A: We are looking to win both of the games because we have a new coach. We are coming to the United States with players who only are playing in the Bosnian League, so it's a big test for us to show ourselves.
Q: What can fans expect to see in your friendlies with the US and Mexico?
A: Fans can expect a hungry Bosnian squad who will fight for each other and hopefully get two wins, that's our goal.
Q: Fans are excited to see you back on the pitch for the Union. What's your message to them?
A: I am very excited to be back to play for the Union because it was a nice atmosphere at the stadium last year. I want to tell fans to be patient, that we are going to be better than last year and compete for a playoff spot in 2018.

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