David Accam Preseason 2018

Accam discusses adjustment with Union on SiriusXM FC

Philadelphia Union midfielder David Accam recently discussed with Jason Davis on SiriusXM FC his outlook so far after joining the Union in January.

The quick connection Accam has made with his teammates makes adjusting to his new home in Philadelphia easy.

“It’s been really great, and I didn’t expect to gel with the team this quickly,” Accam said. “But we get along so well, and we’re trying to make something great for the Union this year.”

Accam doesn’t believe there is pressure on him trying to help the Union reach the playoffs. For the winger, pressure is just another part of the game.

“I put pressure on myself to perform good every game,” Accam said. “For me, pressure is a part of the game and I’m always looking forward to it.”

The speedy winger expects a similar role with the Union that he had while with Chicago Fire. But the goals remain the same — do great things for the Union and work hard to make the playoffs.

“They (the Union) wanted me to come in and do what I’ve been doing for the (Chicago) Fire in the past two, three years,” Accam said. “It’s about being myself and trying to help the team make the playoffs.”

After seeing the moves made by teams in the Eastern Conference such as Toronto FC and Orlando City, Accam acknowledges that it gets tougher each year to make the playoffs. However, Accam feels that the guys will be able to compete, train hard and make a name for themselves this season.

“Every year it gets harder, teams are finding better players and everyone is trying to make their teams stronger. I mean that’s what the Union are doing when they brought me in,” Accam said. “But for us, it’s always difficult and we just need to be stronger and believe in ourselves, and I think we are good enough to beat anyone in the Eastern Conference.”

Among the many players on the Union squad, Accam has connected with defender Fabinho the most.

"I’ve connected with Fabinho because we’re on the left side of the field most of the time,” Accam said. “I feel more connected to him now because he gives me all the passes so I need to get close and connect with him well."

Accam is excited to play with forward CJ Sapong and recognizes the real talent he presents. The winger is hoping to play off of him a lot this season and make big things happen for the Boys in Blue.

“He knows what he can do, he’s done it before. He’s a big target and can score a lot of goals,” Accam said. “It’s good for me because we have a big guy where we can play around him. Me and Fafa (Picault) on the other side, we are in a good position to play around him.”

Accam is ready to showcase his skill and not only make a name for himself, but for the Union too.

“I always put pressure on myself for the team I’m playing with,” Accam said. “I wanted to come to the Union and do well for myself and the team.”

Fans can catch Accam and the rest of the Union as they take on D.C. United in the Suncoast Invitational Feb. 17; at 5 p.m. Streaming information for the preseason matchup will be announced later this week.


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