Coach Brendan Burke Steel FC

STEEL FC: Preview Quote Sheet


Bethlehem Steel FC Head Coach Brendan Burke
Opening statement
“Going back to the Louisville game, just disappointed with our urgency and defending especially in and around our box. From restarts to throw-ins, we didn’t get pressure on the ball and it leads to some lapsed defending at the top of our box. I would say that all three goals, we could have done much better to prevent such easy opportunities in a game where we played well. We had a 15-minute spell where we were just sound asleep and there is no other way to put it. We have not had that all season so I was really disappointed with that and hopefully, it’s a one-off and it will certainly be a focus leading into the Richmond game for us this weekend.”

On the team debut’s of Olivier Mbaizo and Michee Ngalina
"I thought with Olivier, you’d have expected some rust after being out for a month or two but by the end of the game, he looked like he hadn’t been out at all so I think he grew into that game. There were a couple shaky moments at the start but I thought he controlled his space well and defended well. Had a number of interceptions and showed his willingness to get to the end line when we are building. I’m really excited about what he brings to the game.

As far as Michee goes, you’re looking at a guy that turned 18 maybe a few weeks ago so it’s like having an Academy kid. He looked like he had played a number of games at a professional level already. Really impressed with his poise, he’s able to connect some passes off the corner and into the box. Recognized a few times when it was not on and kept the ball and he won us headers. He’s brave and did some good running off the ball defensively for us. We just need to continue to build him up and expose him to more and more minutes and different situations. I would say for an introduction, I was really happy with the introduction he gave us.”

On trying to get a win at home against Richmond again
"We’ve only lost once at home but we haven’t been converting and making it three points. I look back at Charleston and Cincinnati, those have to win if we want to be relevant in the playoff conversation so that is all we’re talking about this week. You have to get something out of these home games and draws don’t pile up enough to help you come to the business end of the season so there is a real focus on us being intent on winning this game this week, no matter how it comes.”

On building off the previous win against Richmond
"You have to take confidence in the way that you approached the game last time but we’ve really erased that game from our memory in terms of it was approached tactically and from a personnel standpoint. They have guys like Dane Kelly coming back into the team, who is the all-time leading goal scorer in USL, so this is a far more dangerous team than what we say the first time around and that isn’t lost on us.”


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