94 WYSP's Danny Bonaduce won't be so dry next time he pays a visit to PPL Park.
Greg Carroccio/Sideline Photos

Bonaduce to Make Good on Pledge to Veit

A one-sided bet was born when The Danny Bonaduce Show set up camp at PPL Park on August 11. The Union’s 1-1 draw against defending MLS champion Real Salt Lake was the immediate headline, but a month and a half later another storyline has reached a boiling point.

Union President Tom Veit didn’t have much to lose … nothing in fact. Danny Bonaduce, on the other hand, pledged to take a dive into the Delaware River when the Union won a match by two goals or more. Call it the “Delaware Dive.”

After a string of close matches, the Union dominated Chivas USA 3-0 on Saturday, prompting Veit to call into Bonaduce’s radio show on Monday morning to collect his “winnings.”

Bonaduce isn’t one to do anything quietly, so he’s turning to Union fans for ideas. How exactly should he submerge into the river? A zipline from The River End has been contemplated, while a leap from the Commodore Barry Bridge has already been ruled out.

“I’m dying to pay off my wager,” Bonaduce told Veit on his 94 WYSP show. “I’m dying for my team to have won by two or more goals so I can jump into the Delaware.”

There you have it, folks. But how’s it going to unfold? How will Danny get in the water? 

The fan who submits the chosen idea will have the opportunity to accompany Bonaduce as he prepares to take the plunge at an upcoming Union match. Get creative and weigh in either in the comments section below or on our Facebook page for a chance to see your idea come to life!

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