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From the Office of the Sons of Ben President

Today, Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 the Sons of Ben are celebrating a decade of soccer experiences. It’s been amazing 10-year ride that only gets better.

We want everybody to come and join this milestone event beginning tonight at McGillins. As we look forward to this season and this year, I am reminded that we need to look back at these 10 years and really appreciate what has happened since David Flagler, Andy Dillon and Bryan James got together and put this whole blue and gold passion, scarf swinging, flag waving, drum beating, smoke inhaling, song singing, chant yelling, second family into motion.

By now, I’m sure most of you have seen the SoB Movie (if you haven’t it’s on Netflix, so check it out), and it tells one hell of a story, but there’s only so much you can put into a movie and things are bound to get left out. Some of you reading this may have been around since the start, while others might be fairly new to the scene, and I just want to take a minute to reflect on some of the keys players and events that have gotten us where we are today.

I will apologize in advance for anybody I may miss, but I want to thank Bryan James, David Flagler and Andy Dillon for starting it all. I want to thank other unsung heroes (in no particular order) that have been around for quite some time (some former Elders, some Union staff, others just helping out doing what needed to get done) and don’t always get the credit they deserve – Corey Furlan, Brad Youtz, Tommy Ro, Travis Rego, Bolton, Eric Shertz, Dan Gorman, Naioti, Kenny Hanson, Mark Jenkinson, Dan Gontkof, Jameson Beates, Matt Ansbro, Ami Rivera, Tim Sosar, Meg Torpey, Lorenzo Rivera, Justin Lee, Andy Pace, Jeremy Sharpe, Kelly Delaney, Stella, Jeff Mitchell, Earl Gardner, Kate Hines, Lucas Murray, Corinne Murray, Billy Bennett, Joe Howe, Dave Wrenn, Trevor Machinia, Jason Mello, Danny Bauder, Ruben Mendoza, Stephanie and Dom Loomis, Paul Costa, Rivera family, Gendaszek family, Geoff Gambier, Chris Frederickson, Mott family, Monica Hertzog, Derek Sell, Nick Sak, Dave Rowan, Mark Evans, Carl Cherkin, and so many more. I apologize to anyone I forgot. I also want to thank all the significant others who put up with all the time and energy that was put into this supporters club.

Sons of Ben truly rely on our members and volunteers to make things happen. Nobody can do it alone. While there have been Elders and Board Members and other leaders through the past decade, it still doesn’t happen without the hard work and passion of our members. Consider this an open invite to anyone new or old, to get involved in the SoBs and be proud to rep the blue and gold.

A lot of things may have changed in just 10 years, but a couple of primary things remain constant – we love our boys in blue and we are proud to be Sons of Ben. Ad finem fidelis.

Looking over a four leaf clover,

Bill Gusler

President, Sons of Ben

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