Union fans experience first ever Game of Thrones Night

The Union hosted its Game of Thrones Night match against Premier League team Swansea City AFC with a 2-2 draw last Saturday. To celebrate the premier of season seven of Game of Thrones, the Union wanted to dedicate a whole night for fans to show their Game of Thrones pride with plenty of game day festivities.


Union fans were able to experience Game of Thrones in real life with LARPing (live action role playing) activities on the Toyota Plaza before the match. Professional LARPers dressed in Game of Thrones attire and battled it out just like they do in the series. And when they got tired of fighting, they went inside to watch some soccer and enjoy a beer or two.

Trial by Combat

Boy oh boy, did the Great War come to life in these combat activities and shaming Swansea fans. Fans were able to participate in a "Trial by Combat" activity and fight each other with inflatable swords. And just like the series, fans shamed the opposing team's fan base for supporting the enemy.

Pregame and Halftime Performances

To honor Game of Thrones Night, there was a pregame performance by Dominion and Darkon with Game of Thrones themed music. At halftime, professional violist Drew Alexander Forde performed the Game of Thrones theme song on his viola, and left the crowd in awe.

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